Tales of Tailbones

Upon coming home from my parents’ house today I saw that all the garbage cans were out on my street, and some were overflowing and clearly not yet picked up. Yay, that meant I could put my can out and get it picked up! So I wheeled it to the curb and promptly slipped and fell. Hardly surprising, I suppose. It’s happened a couple times already this winter. It wasn’t a bad fall, though, and it made me laugh. I actually fell kind of slowly because I was holding myself up a bit with the garbage can, and I fell in a pile of previously shoveled snow, so as falls go, it was pretty minor. Nothing hurt, and like I said, I laughed. I got up and continued on with the day.

About 4 hours later my tailbone started hurting. Ow. I’m assuming it’s delayed pain from the fall because I haven’t done anything else recently that could cause it to hurt. It hurts to sit. It hurts to stand. Soon I’ll see if it hurts lying down. The cold I’ve had the last couple of weeks is mostly gone; I feel totally fine now, but the cough lingers, as coughs tend to do. Unfortunately, the cough and the sore tailbone are a particularly bad combination. Ow.

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Merry Christmas

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