Texas? Never heard of it.

The pharmacy tech who works in the pharmacy just downstairs from my office (and thus a very convenient pharmacy) is seriously lacking in the brain department.

Let us go back a month to when I first used the place to refill my prednisone prescription. I presented the prescription and my brand spankin’ new insurance information. It started out with her having a hard time entering the insurance information into their computer. All claims to my insurance go to someplace in Texas, apparently. “Where’s Texas?” she asked me, as she studied the info on the printout I had from my insurance company’s website (since I didn’t have a card yet) and on her computer screen.

“Um… it’s south. By Mexico.”

She kept looking at whatever she was looking at on the screen, clearly having a hard time. “Is it Mid-Atlantic?”

“No…. No, it’s down south, I’m not sure if it counts as southwest or southeast because it’s middle south. Down at the bottom of the country.”

It took her a few more minutes, but she seemed to eventually locate Texas. I think. She submitted the info and then told me that my insurance didn’t cover the prednisone. This seemed suspect, as prednisone is a pretty basic, cheap drug, but I thought maybe it was so inexpensive ($7) that it didn’t cross a threshold for the insurance to cover it, even though my previous insurance did. So fine, whatever.

In addition, basic math is clearly not within her abilities. The prescription was for 30 pills. The directions were to take 2 pills every other day; thus, it is a 30-day supply. She seemed to have a hard time doing the math (she was talking out loud during that part), and then when I looked at the bottle, she’d written that it was a 60-day supply. I let it go because it was the end of the prescription anyway, so it didn’t really matter, though it didn’t leave me confident in her abilities.

I went back today to get the Epipens my new allergist (who I like a lot) prescribed yesterday. Now I have my card, so I presented the card (in case the info was different) and the prescription. She (the same tech as before) entered the info and then told me the Epipens weren’t covered. At all. Not that they were on the non-preferred list and would thus cost $15 instead of $5, but that they weren’t covered at all. And it would come to $150. I had her check that the plan info on my card matched what they had in the computer, and she said the numbers were the same.

So I came back to the office and called the insurance company. Yep, the Epipens are covered. So I went back down to the pharmacy and told the pharmacist (who was helping me that time, not the tech) that I’d called and the insurance company said it was covered. The pharmacy tech kept saying under her breath to the pharmacist that she entered the info and it was right and it wasn’t covered. “You can call the insurance company and get the info you need,” I pointed out. The pharmacist called and started wading through the extensive menu tree, and also double-checked my info in their computer.

After a few minutes (while still wading through the never-ending menu tree on the phone), he hung up the phone and said, “Yep, it’s covered. We had the number wrong.” Imagine how unsurprised I was.

I’d change pharmacies, but that one is just so convenient….

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