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“Come back in an hour,” said the dude at the Genius Bar as he took my phone away.

I nodded, “One hour,” and started to walk away. In a panic, I suddenly realized, without my phone, HOW WAS I TO KNOW WHEN THE HOUR WAS UP?! Also, since I didn’t realize it would take so long, I didn’t come with a book. Confused and distraught I went outside and sat on a bench, uncertain how to cope in this world with nothing to do and no way to know when the nothing was over.

I looked through my work bag, but I’d cleaned the thing out recently, and all I could find to entertain me was a receipt. I read that receipt very, very carefully. But let’s not kid ourselves, that couldn’t eat up more than 2 minutes, no matter how much I tried to stretch it. And since I had no way to know the time, I don’t even know if it took that much.

I stuffed the receipt in my bag and looked around, uncertain how to function without a book or something to tell time. I was so lost, so perplexed, it took me a good 10 minutes (again, totally guessing on the time since there was no way to know!) to realize there was a Barnes & Noble directly in front of me, maybe 30 feet away.

Salvation! I purchased a book and an apple tart and found happiness again. And I got back to the Apple Store in an hour when I (*gasp of horror*) spoke to a fellow human being and asked if they could tell me the time.

Assuming I survive the first wave of the end of the world, however it comes, I’m likely to do poorly in what remains of our planet.


  1. Stephanie

    If we both survive the first wave of the end of the world, I will loan you — no, give you — one of my three wristwatches. It’s just what friends do.

  2. Stephanie

    I just tried to leave a second note saying “oh, and welcome back to blogging. I missed your funny observations.” And it got dinged for being “spammy”! The nerve!

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