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I keep thinking about this blog, thinking I should actually, you know, post something with some regularity, but it’s hard to update when what mostly rattles around my brain is: still unemployed. I save my whining and anxieties about that for other venues.

I recently ran into a position at this company, which has an awesome website… from, I’m guessing, 1996:

That is the worst company website I’ve seen in at least a decade. For a few minutes, I wondered if it was an identity theft site, but finally decided it was likely legit. Probably. I considered offering to update their website for free if they hired me, but then I looked at their application process and bailed on even applying. You must completely rewrite your resume to their very specific requirements, and then fill out the detailed application. Forget it. Their crappy website tells me this company is not worth the 3+ hours it would take to complete the application process. (And then you have to MAIL them a signed page from the application! I kid you not!) It would be worth it if the job I was looking at sounded awesome, but this would be for perfectly mediocre job. And I still haven’t completely eliminated the scam/identity theft explanation of that website and application process.

In the midst of applying for jobs, I also explore DC once in a while. I went to the Franciscan Monastery yesterday to wander around the gardens. It was less peaceful than hoped for because it turned out it was a major gardening day, so it was very noisy with big, loud gardening machinery. But I still enjoyed it. Very pretty. I was too late for most spring flowers and too early for most summer flowers, but it was lusciously green and beautifully landscaped.


  1. That website IS horrible. The waving flag at the bottom reminds me of those old geocities websites.

  2. Stephanie

    O sister, where art thou?

    An Orange Hoodyless world is a sadder, duller world.

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