Story artwork!

Every story in the Athena’s Daughters anthology has accompanying artwork. And mine is now available!

Moon Fall

It is perfect! I love it. If you missed the Kickstarter, you can pre-order the book from the publisher here:

And while I have you here, there is another anthology I want to bring to your attention. I have no story in this one, but it’s a from the same publisher as Athena’s Daughters, and I know some of the authors.


Because of Kickstarter rules about not allowing charities, this anthology is being funded through Indigogo. All of the proceeds will go to CJ Henderson, who is currently battling cancer and thus has huge medical bills. So a whole bunch of authors teamed up and donated stories to go into this anthology. The book has funded, so it’s now all about reaching the stretch goals to get more books and more stories. You get a lot of stories for only $10, and the money goes to a help out someone. So give it a look:

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  1. Nice!! Fits perfect.

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