Little niece, Aria

So, yeah… still alive. Who knew that being unemployed would be so emotionally draining that writing, including updating my blog, would be more than I could deal with? But I really need to post this post, and I find myself with some motivation today. (I actually even got some creative writing done.)

On January 2nd I became an aunt. I have a niece! She is a cute little critter named Aria. I flew out to Utah on the day of her birth in order to meet her when she was fresh from the womb, all new and whatnot. It was awesome! I flew back home to DC a week later, so sad to say goodbye. I wish I could be closer to her to hold her and squish her and spike her hair. I’ve never really been into kids – at all – but there is something about this sweet little critter that is completely different in how I feel about her.


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  1. Christinemb

    Seriously she is so cute! I love that you love her, Auntie Tanya. ??

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