Day After Inauguration

I’ve grown to really like inauguration day. I barely noticed it before living in DC, but now it’s a local celebration, and I kind of dig it. Oh, I don’t go out and actually participate in the events. No. Are you mad?

Crowds. Hours of standing. Porta-potties. No direct routes to anything due to security and closed roads. Cold. It would be hard to come up with a more miserable scenario. (Maybe set it all in July. Can you imagine the heat stroke?)

So I stay home and watch it on TV. I live 10 blocks from the Capital, so I like to step outside during the proceedings and take a deep breath and revel in the fact that I’m breathing the same air as those actually participating. I like to listen to see if I can hear the cheering, too. It’s hit or miss on whether I can – if the wind is just right I can slightly hear it. And then I return to my warm apartment and my comfortable couch, and I pick up my knitting and turn the TV volume back up. It’s the best way to watch the inauguration. I don’t even have to put on pants. (Don’t worry – I put on pants before stepping outside for the breath of inauguration air.)

There’s something about the energy of being so close to it. I’ve found that it is the one day every 4 years when I can set aside my loathing for the politicians of either party and just enjoy the happiness. I can sit back and say, “This is America, and this is pretty cool.” For one day there is no need to focus on morally reprehensible practices and policies from any branch. I can enjoy the pomp and ceremony and celebration. Just one day.

Sadly, that day is now over and real life is back. Four more years till the next day of reprieve.

One final thought: Did you see Michelle Obama’s red ball gown? Holy carp, that thing was crazy beautiful! I love that dress!


  1. Stephanie

    At President Obama’s first inauguration, with a million more attendees than this one, the crazy street closures kept funneling huge masses of people into narrow channels. Twice I thought I was going to suffocate — not in the hysterical “oh my gosh so many people it’s making me anxious” way, but in the “oh my gosh my lungs are being squished from the back, the front, and both sides and there’s no room for air in there” way. I was calmly terrified. But I was still glad I went. I’m also glad I didn’t go to this one. And yes, that was a stunning gown.

  2. Stephanie

    p.s — That was pretty solipsistic. Sorry. It was all intended to convey “Good job deciding to watch in your jammies on the couch!”

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