Not a ding

I went out to my car this morning to head to work and saw a narrow piece of paper on my windshield. I immediately jumped to the ticket conclusion and indignantly thought, “A ticket?! I am fully and entirely legally parked! This is unjust! This is unfair! Who gave me a ticket?!”

Then I noticed that it was an envelope with a handwritten note on it.

Ah. Never mind then.

Turns out that it was a note from someone who said she’d dinged my car, was very sorry, and left her phone number so I could get insurance info from her. I am daily annoyed by the dangerously aggressive driving around me and regular list-serve messages about car break-ins in the neighborhood, so I almost cried from the honesty. Seriously. An honest person! How refreshing!

I can’t seem to make outside calls from my work phone, and I don’t have my cell phone with me, so I’ll have to call her tonight to let her know she’s in the clear. My car has several dents and dings, but I couldn’t find anything that wasn’t on my car before, so if she dinged me, she didn’t leave anything behind.

You’d think a potential ding would be a bad way to start the day, but it was actually good. Even before I’d looked over my car, I thought, “Eh, another dent. Whatever.” It was the confession that lifted my spirits.


  1. So nice to hear you have a good attitude! I dinged someone once and left a note with my number too. Yet before I heard from them, got a call from the cops!

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