An evening of Paul Cardall

I quite like the music of Paul Cardall, so when I heard he would be performing at the DC temple visitor’s center I said, “Ooo! I want to go to that!” And so I found myself there last night. It was great!

My upstairs neighbors, M and A, have a daughter with a similar heart condition that Paul Cardall was born with, a single ventricle, and they really wanted to meet him. Heart folks bond. Thus they called up the visitor’s center to try to set it up. It turns out that Paul’s father, Duane Cardall, is a missionary there [and is a former KSL (Utah local news) person; I’m glad someone pointed that out to me or it would have driven me nuts all night as I tried to figure out why he looked familiar], and M talked to him and Elder Cardall said it wouldn’t be a problem for them to meet Paul. My neighbors, knowing I was a fan, invited me to join them. Yay!

As we picked up tickets, a woman and her son were right behind us. M seems to have a sense for fellow heart folks because she asked if the son was also a heart patient. (Everyone looks healthy, so it must be a sixth sense thing.) Sure enough, he also has a single ventricle, so M asked if they too could meet Paul. And then a couple missionaries who also had congenital heart issue (though more minor ones; each only had one surgery as infants) also joined us to meet Paul. About 15 minutes before the doors opened, we all go to go down into the auditorium as the rehearsal was finishing up. Paul Cardall talked with the kids and parents and was very, very kind. Nice guy. I got to shake his hand and say hello too. It was very cool.

Thus we found ourselves right on the front row, best seats in the house, just a few feet from the piano. I ended up in a perfect seat, stationed with a clear view of his hands dancing across the keys. The performance was great – beautiful music, very emotional and spiritual. He spoke some of his past, the heart surgeries and heart transplant, his family and God, and mixed that into the music. It was better than I even expected.

Definitely a wonderful evening. And as an added bonus, M and A introduced me to a better route to get to the temple, a way with less traffic which means less stress. Huzzah!


  1. Stephanie

    M went again the next night and brought me along. I’d never heard of him before, and now I can’t imagine why. I don’t think I’ve ever heard music like that before, that seems to flow straight out of his heart and barely rest on his fingertips and the keys before it becomes music.

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