Kennedy Center

The weather took a precipitous turn for the cold, which means it’s safe to go outside again. Hurray!

One of the first things I planned to do upon moving here was take a tour of the Kennedy Center. I finally got around to it today. A 3-year delay isn’t that long, right? The place was pretty dead. I went to the tour desk and they had me wait 15 minutes in case someone else came – a reasonable approach, especially since I kinda hoped there would be other people. I didn’t mind waiting; I had a book with me. But no one else came, so it was just me and a nice older lady who has been a volunteer there since 1971. She gave an excellent tour. [All photos.]

This is the President’s box in the Concert Hall. (Each of the performance halls has a President’s box.) It has those thick reinforced blast doors. Though it has the President’s seal there by the door, apparently the White House brings their own seal with them and replaces it when the President comes.

The chandalier ceiling of the Opera House.

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